Keep your business’s cash flow healthy.

You might be wondering who provides corporate tax services in your area,  and how they can help keep your business’s cash flow healthy.

The answer is that all too often business owners struggle to keep up with changes in tax legislation. It costs the business dearly not being able to identify which income sources may be exempt from tax; which expenses are not tax deductible; which items of capital expenditure are tax deductible and how to claim for such deductions; as well as how to correctly calculate input and output VAT.

Maintaining tax compliance is vital if you want to avoid costly penalties, or penalties levied against the business. ATF Consult Inc. offers corporate tax services to help unburden business owners and enable them to focus on their core business, like building their customer base and staying current with the latest trends in their particular industry or specialty.

Additionally, ATF Consult Inc. can assist business owners by making them aware of the legitimate tax breaks for which they qualify. Do you know if your business qualifies for these?

Corporate Tax Services and Cash Flow

Tax compliance not only benefits the business by ensuring the amount of tax paid to SARS is correct and on time. These services assist the business owner to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses concerning the business’s cash flow balance sheet. Corporate tax services can help your business manage foreseeable risks by streamlining processes and information systems.

This all adds up to a healthy cash flow and allows a business owner like yourself to predict your business focus accurately to guarantee future growth. A healthy cash flow means the business owner is not compelled to make decisions based solely on its financial status but can concentrate on developing its brand or product line, giving the business that all important edge over its competitors.

Financial Health

Being in a position of strength means the business can resist pressure from customers to offer big discounts or from debtors for extended payment periods. In turn, it enables the business to negotiate favourable terms with creditors.

The delay between paying out creditors and collecting payments from customers can make all the difference to your business performing well or poorly. In essence, a healthy cash flow shifts the balance of power in favour of the business, and exponentially improves the business’s chance of survival in an increasingly competitive market.

The comprehensive corporate tax services offered by ATF Consult Inc. give the business owner the peace of mind and confidence to focus on growing the business. Calculating the tax your business owes SARS is a complex task; contact ATF Consult Inc. today to discover how your business’s cash flow can benefit from expert tax advice.

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