ATF Consult  International Ltd. is an accounting, tax and a financial advisory firm focused on providing excellent and efficient service to our VIP-clients. As a market trend setter ATF Consult International Ltd. will provide you with excellent service that will enable you to make quick and effective commercial decisions. Our vast range of services can help you to achieve the highest level of satisfaction relating to the world of finance. As a VIP-client we provide professional services and payment options so that it suits you or your company in every aspect. Our aim is to build a long term relationship, supply you with the highest level of service and give attention to even the smallest aspect of your business. ATF Consult International Ltd. is backed by The Bullion Group (Pty) Ltd, this gives us access to additional resources, which enables our company to offer a wider range of business solutions.

​ATF Consult International Ltd. offers the comprehensive capabilities and deep industry knowledge necessary to help you solve the most complex issues of your organization. Since opening our doors in 2010, we’re proud to say that each year we have a bigger list of returning and new clients.

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When you choose the company and type your address, you will be asked to choose a name, upload your passport and identification document. This lets us prepopulate most standard Memorandums and articles of associations and/or country related incorporation documents. We also start building your file and start compiling your documents for signature. We do however communicate via email, chat and phone to make sure we have all the details. In minutes your documents are ready for signature and we coordinate the signing process. You choose the time and we make it happen, we have more than one consultant in each jurisdiction we service. Our focus is you as the client and our firm is the specialist company incorporator.

ATF has been in existence for more than 15 years doing just Accounting, Tax, Finance and IT projects, ATF has build up a network worldwide with consultants and international partners. All our staff also has to be above exceptional in Information Technology. ATF with its IT and International Network has tools and government systems that makes detection easy. From lawyers to accountants that can do property searches, draw company profiles and find banking details to detect and trace funds.  

We try and treat our team in 4 easy refined steps

1. Trust

Trust exists both ways, and every employee rely on each other to “watch over each other’s back”.
Employees trust their leaders to lead them in making the right decisions for the benefit of the company (including its people).
Employers trust their employees to prioritize the company’s objectives and to represent a good company image always.

2. Engagement

Employees are focused and keen to take up work challenges as well as acquire new skills and knowledge.
An engaged workforce promotes a problem-solving attitude and a culture of unity.
Long serving employees with a wealth of knowledge and experience who are able to share them with newcomers.

3. Transparency

Every company has its ups and downs – leaders are transparent in sharing the good news of the company, as well as the problems faced.
Leaders are open to suggestions and solutions on issues faced by the company and constantly seek feedback from employees.
Leaders are approachable and have an open-door policy.

4. Communication

Communication between employees and managers is constantly clear and precise.
Casual conversations between staff, managers and even top management take place regularly.
Employees have an open mind in seeking for advice from HR or their immediate managers when they are facing work problems.

ATF Consult International Ltd/Inc/LLC/B.V. has its own companies registered South Africa, Malta, Netherlands and Samoa. These are strategic positions for taxes to lower prices for our clients as well as to keep a consistent 24 hour 7 day a week service available to our clients. We have offices and staff across the globe and service over 100 jurisdictions. Some jurisdictions we don’t service as we do in some cases believe that it would be counter productive and/or inefficient. 

ATF Can assist in most cases managing your entire financial portfolio. However it must be stressed that in certain cases with a large complex company an internal accountant should be appointed as it could be more cost effective depending on the scale. Best is to have an appointment to understand your needs. 

Because ATF decided to employ very strong IT individuals, most of them have web development experience as well as an intricate knowledge of business and finance. This makes it ideal to build you a functioning website with a true business workflow. Also if you require PhP, Java, Kotlin etc. this comes natural to our staff. It usually takes about 1-3 days to do a good functioning website with a feature rich UI. ATF consult also see this more as a free thinking hobby because you integrate direct business with you website and automation. This allows the entrepreneur to spend more time on doing the things he loves.

  1. Choose your country and company type.
  2. Select checkout.
  3. At the billing information type the company name and adress.
  4. Upload your proof of adress and Identification.
  5. Make sure everything is typed correctly.
  6. Pay and receive your confirmation so we can get into contact and start ASAP.

We consider ourself world leaders in tax advice and tax structuring, see our reveiws.

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