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Bahamas Company LLC, One reason for this increased popularity revolves around the privacy laws that help keep information about the owners of corporations formed in the Bahamas confidential.



Company Formation in The Bahamas

You can register a corporation in the Bahamas with relative ease. Even more popular, now, is the Bahamas LLC. Many travelers are familiar with the Bahamas as a great place to visit. Many businesspeople have taken an additional step to form a Bahamas Corporation because the country is also one of the best jurisdictions to use for holding cash and investments securely and privately. The legislature has also made the Bahamas an attractive financial center for running an offshore business. Many investors and business owners prefer using the Bahamas as their jurisdiction of choice because local laws offer not only a great deal of confidentiality, but also a strong, safe banking environment as well as several opportunities for financial freedom, savings, and investment within the country.

There are some additional entities that are growing in popularity. One is the Bahamas Foundation that is used for tax advantages and charitable use. The other is the Bahamas SAC, or Segregated Account Company. With the SAC, it is one company upon which you can, for a price, add several cells. You can add as many cells as you desire. Like a cabinet with several cubby-holes, each cell is separate from the other cells for liability purposes. So, you have the simplicity of one company and the liability protection of many.

Bahamas Incorporation Benefits

As a very popular place for US and UK citizens to form offshore companies, the passing of the International Business Companies (IBC) Act of 1990 has since inspired many thousands to pick the Bahamas as their jurisdiction for company formation. One reason for this increased popularity revolves around the privacy laws that help keep information about the owners of corporations formed in the Bahamas confidential. Another attractive benefit the Bahamas provides for investors is tax exemption to both company shareholders and the company entity for twenty years after the act of incorporation is complete. (Check with the laws of your own country, as many are taxed on worldwide income.)

Furthermore, helpful services are also offered once one incorporates his or her company in the Bahamas. One can sign up for private services, such as mailboxes with mail forwarding, faxes, and messaging, which will make conducting business outside of the country far more efficient and private for the business owner. The Bahamas also ensures that companies are treated with confidentiality, allowing the owners of the Bahamas company to keep their names private. In the Bahamas, several laws exist concerning the International Business Corporation that place an emphasis on privacy.

Forming a corporation in the Bahamas can offer you some of the following benefits:

Information about both you and your company remains anonymous.
Corporate income taxes are exempt in the Bahamas once one incorporates.
Personal income taxes also become exempt in the Bahamas with the formation of your corporation.
Laws governing the rules of incorporation in the Bahamas do not allow for information sharing.
Stockholders names and information are kept private.
Corporate shares are not taxed.
The cost of retaining the corporation annually is low.
Once one forms a corporation, it is easy to obtain a bank account in the Bahamas.
Again, please be sure to check with the tax laws of the country in which you reside and/or hold citizenship.


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